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Who is Kimyummy's, LLC

It's a Joyride for your Pallet

I started baking back in 2009. I was watching a show on Food Network and saw the sweet potato cheesecake. But it was all the way in Georgia, and I had no way of getting there. So I decided to made it myself. It came out shockingly amazing. And the rest went down in history. Every chance I got I was baking something. I made a website and everything. Back then I was called Tasty Treasures. But this was all before advertising on social media was a big thing. I didn't have the social platform I have now so it was really a word of mouth thing. I got very overwhelmed by the stress and lack of clientele, so I stopped baking in 2013 for the public. Was only doing it for close family. Then in 2018 at my current job I would make sweets for events they would throw and people would be like you should sell cakes because these are really good. I denied my calling for the longest. So I tested it and started selling mini bundts on friday's at my job, then I started selling them outside my job and on Facebook. People started to know who I was outside of my job and I was like OK maybe I can start doing this again. Kimyummy's was born. And its only been up ever since. For someone I've never met to tell me they've had my baked goods and they were delicious is a dream come true. I make my baked goods out of love. I love making classic smooth one tier cakes, but my heart is treats and pastries. I love coming up with new items for people to try. I love seeing the expressions and reactions. I have finally found my calling and I am swimming in all of the greatness.

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